izabela d. wolf Ⓒ07-2014/kusiakawa@hotmail.co.uk
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DZISIAJ ZOBACZYCIE WIDEO DO HYPATII….. / MUZYKA: SOUNDCLOUD.COM/NZLD / GRAFIKA: IZABELA DAWID WOLF blameyourparents.tumblr.com /// TODAY THE VIDEO WILL BE OUT! MUSIC: FOQL / SOUNDCLOUD.COM/nzld / graphics by Izabela / blameyourparents.tumblr.comVideo for “Cyril” : tonight.https://soundcloud.com/nzld/a2-cyril-hypatia-ep-nzld001-by-foql

this is the new poster i did for our party (on eof the three versions, to be announced)  (www.facebook.com/skinyardparty) whoever happens to be in warsaw on 27th september come, AMAZING dark music bands and dj sets from the best <3 <3 <3 
made meanwhile…. strange spaces 
painting im dfoing for my friend’s birthday
have been maniacly listening to electric wizard. hail them! flower of evil song my favourite song on earth!!! 
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