izabela d. wolf Ⓒ07-2014/kusiakawa@hotmail.co.uk
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this is the new poster i did for our party (on eof the three versions, to be announced)  (www.facebook.com/skinyardparty) whoever happens to be in warsaw on 27th september come, AMAZING dark music bands and dj sets from the best <3 <3 <3 
made meanwhile…. strange spaces 
painting im dfoing for my friend’s birthday
have been maniacly listening to electric wizard. hail them! flower of evil song my favourite song on earth!!! 
trippy times!
imin itallynow,doingsome tats (kusiakawa@hotmail.co.uk) and then in bretagnesocontact me / here arefewsnapshots of sth secret which will be includedin the zine,more about the zine soon…..it willbe giod one!
also old shit, ive been looking through my hard drive, 2000 i guess it was one day zine project and i did one about my dreams with lots of  animals hybrydes… ;)
base for new painting, in progress. xx
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