izabela d. wolf Ⓒ07-2014/kusiakawa@hotmail.co.uk
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for nz//ld /// soundcloud.com/nz//ld niebezpieczne zwiazki // hypatia / artwork „, kusiakawa@Hotmail.co.uk xo
here is the graphic i did for the cd which is included in the zine <3 trippy! / to order the zine with the cd please email me:kusiakawa@hotmail.co.uk xxxx
soon, 29th January the zin i was working on last few weeks will be finally released, also my boyfriend and me will play live set music… cannot wait, here is a little grasp of what to expect from the zine… ill reccommend to you all get your fingers to it as it will be something special! xxxx
imin itallynow,doingsome tats (kusiakawa@hotmail.co.uk) and then in bretagnesocontact me / here arefewsnapshots of sth secret which will be includedin the zine,more about the zine soon…..it willbe giod one!
the zine wil be out soon, collage from the book about sea monsters 
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