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#satan #church #black mass #electriz wizard sunday drawing with my sister xxxx
Drawing learning being student @sbldnttt  is the best <3

r0ux asked: your working is amazing, would love to get tattooed by you - are you in London?

hey thank You :) i am in london xxxx

fiished piece for trade painting with Giacomo Dei Seita one of my totally fav tattooists <3 sorry for borying you with Twin peaks (actually why sorry noone can ever be bored with TP!!!!) but i was never content.. actually im so out of time now im never pleased with anything… londoners hit me up, im in town xoxoxoxox 
#friday #twin peaks flash trade with giacomo dei seita #tattoo #satan #laura palmer

p-oi asked: It's Keely, from Golden Boy Press. We were wondering if you were still interested in submitting a select few pieces of your work for us to feature on the site and interview. We'd love to hear back from you! Thank you. (goldenboypress(.)co(.)vu) (keelyajm@gmail(.)com)

yes sure :) will do that in few hours but inn feature some old stuff for now as i moved to london and it was just crazy is that fine? what ar ethe questions for interview? xoxoxoxo :)

Changes means my first post on instagram right/wrong?

venturxr asked: Hey I was wondering if you could draw up mickey & Minnie Mouse!? I love your style it's amazing!

maybe soon :) thank you :) xxx

one of the tats I did some recent times xoxox 

travelervacuum asked: Dall' italia, paese di arte e cultura, tanti complimenti per la tua arte :)

I dont understand but thank you??:) xox


lalalaetc asked: Thank you Bella! I got mail last night, there's a pic on my tumblr too.

amazing! :) sorry for long waiting xxx

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