izabela d. wolf Ⓒ07-2014/kusiakawa@hotmail.co.uk
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Little preview of something im working on 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌛🌛🌛🌘🌘🌜🌜🌜🌜

classytatts asked: im in love with your work! im interested in getting pieces you have drawn tattooed. how would i go about it? :D xx

awwww thank you xxxx

witches flash scan i did few weeks ago / kusiakawa@hotmail.co.uk xoxox
death / hateful heart / poisoned garden  by: izabela dawid wolf / kusiakawa@Hotmail.co.uk xoxo
Working :)


Hi Friends!

Currently (slowly) working with the talented Izabela D. Wolf (http://blameyourparents.tumblr.com/) for an illustration for the short story collection I hope to be publishing by hand soon! For now, please check the STORIES tab on my main tumblr page to read older works. Feel free to tell me which ones you’d like to see in print!

Thanks for your support <3

becomingrobot asked: Hi, great work! You literally have hundreds of drawings. Sometimes I struggle with what to draw. I'm wondering if you have some tips or suggestions about how to come up with new ideas. Where do you come up with this stuff? Are you looking at things all the time, mashing up references, or do you know what you're going to draw when you sit down with a blank page? My problem is, I try to make it to perfect, and I'm paralyzed before I even begin. Thanks!

Hello! thank you soooooo much for great words Im not sure if I am the one who should advice other people yet to be honest :). I just love doing it and it comes natural, of course it is all inspired by everything around me according to my interests and based on my research, sometimes I ‘steal’ an element and mix it into my work, sometimes I do something without having a plan, sometimes I have a plan but it is more the mood of it rather than specific composition and elements I have in my head… it all depends, I think sometimes Im too fast and do things not perfectly just to pour out of myself all the ideas … so I dunno!? :) it is basically a mash up, but comes naturally as everything you ove doing, so my advice is: CHILL OUT :) dont force yourself or pressure yourself and do things by heart :) xoxoxoxox do not try to be perfect it takes ages to be so! i cant even say im miles away from being perfect soooo chillax and draw :) 

Pins ive designed for @thisisdeadwood  ( type by: @the_bowery ) sick combo #satan #twin peaks #doom
Regram @the_bowery  i have wonderful chance to colaborate with my dark spirited soulmates from @the_bowery  and deadwoodleather by @carlollson  xxxxxxx more news soon
Sketching drawing for my fianceeeyyy xxxxx hell!!!!

ignis-ai asked: HEJ! Uwielbiam Twoje prace, a szczególnie śliczne panie, które wymyślasz. Szczególnie zauroczyła mnie kobieta-cyklop. Tak bardzo chciałabym mieć ją lub podobną wytatuowaną, jest wręcz idealna! Nie mogłam o tobie znaleźć dokładnych info ale widzę, że bywasz w Polsce, i chciałabym się spytać czy jest szansa umówić się do ciebie na wykonanie tatuażu i w jaki sposób? Pozdrawiam! xo

Hej bardzo Ci dziekuje :) tymczasowo jestem w londynie ale odwiedzam warszawe regularnie i bede w maju moze wtedy? Moglabys przyjechac do wawa? :)

#hypatia #dark #collage #izabella wolf #death #bloom #satan
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